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Vegan food diary: "Moroccan Vegetables"

This time on my vegan food diary I`ll show you my favorite recipe at all!!! 
This is why: I love hummus, rice, olives and with curry and soy sauce spiced vegetables. It`s absolutely delicious!!!!!
Ready for the recipe? :)

You need: (for I would say 2 persons) -3 carrots -3 peppers -About the rice, I like to use this one in those like "rice-bags" I used 2 of it (I`m sorry, I really don`t know how to call them in English, if you know, please correct me!!! :)) -Some olives -Hummus (how much you want) -Oil (like 2 tablespoons) -Soy sauce (100ml) -Margarine (1 tablespoon)
Spices: -Curry  -Spicy red paprika powder -Salt -Pepper

*Cook the rice (how it`s explained in the instructions on the box)with some salt *Wash and cut the vegetables in slices *You have the roast the carrots first in some oil and than add some water (half cup) to the pan *Add the peppers to the pan *Roast this all gently on low temperature *When the water vaporized you add the soy sauce to the vegetables and spice them with curry, sal…

Last Sunday outfit

Last Sunday I was like: "Am I really ready to go already that bare legged on the streets??-Yes, I am" ;) It was really quite warm and my legs got the first sun after my holidays in Brazil this winter :D
And I got my first frozen yogurt at this year! :D (pic below)
What do you think about my outfit?? 

Esse domingo eu estava pensando se eu já estava mesmo pronta para sair assim com as pernas tão nuas na rua. Sim eu estava ;) O tempo tava agradável e as minhas pernas conseguiram pegar o primeiro sol depois das minhas férias no Brasil nesse inverno (inverno na Europa).
Além do mais curti meu primeiro "frozen yogurt" do ano!!! :D 
O que vocês acharam do meu outfit???

Vegan food diary: "Italian Couscous"

Here it comes again, my food diary. Today with a vegan couscous with Italian "touch"
You need:  -Couscous (how much you want) -Olives -Dried tomatoes in oil -1 pepper -Chickpeas (I used them from a can) -1 shallot
*For the couscous you need to cook 250ml of water for 250g couscous. Put the couscous in a bowl and than just add the hot water to it and let it so till the couscous absorbed the whole water  *Cut the pepper, dried tomatoes and the shallot in slices and add them to the bowl *Rinse the chickpeas and olives and add them to the couscous *I normally just spice it with some salt and pepper

I hope you enjoy your meal :)

Calzedonia Leggings

When I tried these leggings on, I was like: OMG, I love them so much!!! But am I going to wear them often? (By the way I also was like that before buying these biker boots :D) It turned out that I want to dress them (both!!) like everyday!!!:D 
What I love about these leggings, is that they are blue. And not colored like most of the jeans/leggings with flower prints on. This way it`s much easier to combine them and with this color they fit just more to my style.  
Today I actually was more for "option 2" (see below), but then I decided I want a friendlier outfit corresponding to the warm weather (which is making me smile the whole day!!!! :D). 
Which one do you prefer?

A primeira vez que eu provei essa legging eu pensei: Meu, eu amo ela, mas não tenho certeza se eu vou vesti la muitas vezes. (By the way a mesma coisa eu pensei antes de comprar essas botas). Se tornou que agora eu quero vesti las todo dia!!:D 
O que eu gosto muito dessa legging, é que ela é azul e não (completamen…

Vegan food diary: Breakfast "Rice cake-smoothie cereal"

So yesterday I started to share if you my "vegan food diary" here on the blog and today I have a very delicious breakfast recipe for you!! :)

You need: (for one person) -1 banana -some raspberries (as many as you like) -almond milk -2 rice cakes
*First snap the rice cakes into your bowl  *Cut half of the banana into slices and add them to the bowl *Wash the raspberries and add them  *From the rest of the banana and the raspberries you make a smoothie, for that you just need to smash them and if you want add a bit of almond milk to it, so that it gets more fluid (I like it more that way)
If you like it sweeter you can sugar it with maple syrup.

What I love about this recipe is that it`s not so sweet. I kinda go bad when I eat too sweetly things in the morning and the rice cakes are a great choice for replacing too sweet crunchy cereals. 

Vegan food diary: "Mixed salad"

Please, don`t get me wrong, I LOVE meat and milk products like yogurt, feta cheese, other sorts of cheese :D and months ago I`ve never thought that I ever would think about eating vegan. 
But then one day I was just surfing on the internet, watching videos on Youtube and I got to a girl, who told on her video, that 6 days a week she lives only from vegan cuisine. And not because of the animals or something like this, she also likes meat and milk products, but she started this and just feels much better after every meal and in general healthier now. 
After this I was like: "Why not?" And I started 4 weeks ago to live on vegan food for 5 days a week. 
So from Monday-Friday I eat vegan and in the weekend normal, like always. And I have to say I`m really, really happy with this and there are SO many delicious vegan-recipes!!!! In every way, also for sweets or breakfast! 
And from now on I`ll share with you my vegan-food-diary and my advises/tips for vegan nutrition. 
Here are already…

Why peach-coral-pink is going to be THE color for next season


New In beauty: H&M bag

It was pretty hard to take pictures from this beauty!! :D Because of the leather it slides down every where I place it. So I had no other choice than to hang it up on my doorknob :D But I think with the "Paris" figure on the background, the pics are quite ok ;)

Foi bem difícil tirar fotos dessa lindeza!!! :D Por causa do couro ela escorregava em todo lugar!! Não tive outra opção além de pendurar ela na minha porta ;) Mas eu acho que com o quadro "Paris" atrás as fotos ficaram ok ;)


It took me really long to get an Instagram account, so for those who still doesn`t know, because my profile is quite new, but would like to follow me, here it is. 
You can get HERE to my profile and follow me.
Thanks so  much for all the support and interest on my blog!!! Makes me so happy! :)

Eu precisei muito tempo para me cadastrar no Instagram, então para quem ainda não sabe que eu tenho um perfil (por causa que o meu perfil é bem novo), mas gostaria de curtir o meu espaço, aqui está.
Você pode chegar AQUI no meu perfil e curtir/seguir.
Muito obrigada pelo apoio e pelo o interesse por meu blog!! Me deixa muito feliz! :)

Inspiration pt. I: Chiara Ferragni

During the last years growing up in Europe, I got to like the winter more and more, but honestly I`m so sorry, I can`t wait for spring to come!!! :D 
Not only because of my "Brazilian blood", what makes me love warm weather, also because I love my outfits in spring and summer and it is much easier for me to create a cool look with temperatures over 20° (ok, even over 15° but not with 0° ;)). 
I`m trying everything today to feel warm ( I`m completely freezing, even at home) like listening to brazilian music, drinking tea, seeing photos from the warm days in Brazil and getting some outfit inspirations for this next beautiful season.
This are my favorite Chiara-looks from the last years. What do you think, did I choose well? ;)
Which are your favorite looks from her?
Every picture is from the blog The Blonde Salad.

Nos últimos anos crescendo na Europa, cada vez mais eu me adapto com o frio. Mas sinceramente, I`so sorry, eu não estou conseguindo mais esperar pela primavera! :D 
Não só …

Have you already seen this beauty?

Actually I don`t have a totally rocker-girl style, but Philipp Plein is one of my absolutely top favorite designers!! I like to mix this glam-rock style with other pieces. And he is like THE reason why I want to become a designer.  
I already wrote an article about him (with so much love ;)), you can read it HERE (sorry, it`s in Portuguese). And again I felt completely in love with his new "Mickey" jacket. 
If I had over 3.000 € to spent for a jacket..... *dreaming*
Do you like his pieces?

Normalmente eu não tenho um estilo de menina-roqueira, mas o Philipp Plein é um dos meus top estilistas preferidos!! Eu gosto de misturar peças que nem essas de glam-rock com outras de estilo diferente, mais básico, neutral. E além do mais, ele é praticamente A razão por que eu quero ser estilista, também. 
Eu já escrevi um artigo sobre ele (com bastante amor ;)), você pode ler ele AQUI.
E de novo eu me apaixonei pela nova jaqueta chamada "Mickey" dele.
Se eu tivesse mais de 3.000€ para…


I love FASHIOLISTA  for many reasons. One is because you can show in a very cool way your style, and garments you love, which you could actually not afford. I try my best with my style with most of my clothing from H&M, New Yorker, Zara and some fast-fashion brazilian brands. Of course I also do have some pieces which were expensive from brands like f.e. Colcci, G-star Raw, Diesel and Miss Sixty (especially jeans :D) but sometimes I think, if I had the money I could do it so much better and for me Fashiolista is a way to show how I would dress myself buying things from more expensive brands.  If you like my style you can follow me HERE, I`ll take a look at your profile and if I like it I`ll follow back, of course ;) 
Eu amo FASHIOLISTA por várias razões. Uma delas é por causa que você pode mostrar de um jeito bem legal o seu "style" e roupas que você ama, mas que você normalmente não teria condições de comprar. Eu tento o melhor com o meu estilo usando principalmente roupa…

Easter weekend in Klagenfurt

For Easter we visited my bf`s family in Klagenfurt, Austria. We stayed at the hotel "Moser Verdino", a very nice one with extremely comfortable beds!!! :D
It was a very nice and special weekend. I love family-weekends and I got to know the city for the first time.  
Unfortunately the weather wasn`t that nice, on Sunday it rained the whole day, and the light was horrible for taking pictures but it didn`t discourage me from taking some ;) 
My bf and I are thinking about moving there. He got a good job offer and there are courses (like "cultural science" and "media- and communication studies") which would be very interesting for me, too. But of course it is hard to leave my beloved Vienna. 

No final de semana de páscoa nós fomos visitar a familía do meu namorado em Klagenfurt, Áustria. Passamos a noite no hotel "Moser Verdino", um hotel muito legal com camas super comfortáveis!!!! :D
O "findi" foi muito legal e special. Eu amo finais de semana…