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Back in Europe

After a month I spent in Brazil, I`m back to beautiful (but unfortunately cold) Europe now. But already missing my family like crazy!
Spending time in Brazil is always wonderful but this time it was really very, very special. 
For the first time in, I think about 10 years (?) I was able to spent Christmas with my family again!! 
And not only that, after Christmas time we went to a trip, where we had the craziest adventures, and my grandparents where the whole with us and passed through all this, too!! 
Than I got to know my cousin, who is 3 months old now. 
And there was of course this lovely hot Brazilian summer I missed for so long!!!
I want to thank my mum here again, for making this all possible for me. 
I`m sorry I didn`t post outfit photos, but there was really no time. The 4 weeks passed by so fast and I needed this time with my family!
But of course I got some new sunglasses from Chili Beans, which I still have to show you. (When I get my suitcase ;)) 

Depois de um mês que passei no Br…

Short "look of the day" shot

With all post about my travels here in Brazil and taking photos of the places I visited, I completely forgot to take photos of my outfits! So here is a quick "look of the day" we shot before leaving for dinner in São Paulo. I was using Natura make-up (really good!!!! I love it!!!). Unfortunately we were really in a hurry, so I only got one picture :(
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Com todos meus posts sobre as minhas viagems aqui no Brasil, e tirando fotos dos laguras que estou visitando, esqueci completamente de tirar fotos dos meus outfits! Aqui uma "look of the day" foto, tirada antes de ir jantar em São Paulo. Estava usando maquiagem da Natura (muito boa!!! estou amando!!!). Infelizmente ja tinhamos que sair e só deu tempo de tirar uma foto :(
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Brazil day 7-12:Rio de Janeiro

The days we spent in Rio were amazing, as always..!! I LOVE Rio de Janeiro. And as I already mentioned here the NYE there was so touching!
Actually I stayed only 2 days in Rio. My aunt lives near to Rio and I spent almost the whole week there, only on Wednesday and Thursday I stayed at my cousin`s house in Rio. Unfortunately on Thursday it rained the whole day! But even with rain Rio de Janeiro is so we decided to take a ride by car through the city, to say goodbye. 

Os dias que passamos em Rio de Janeiro, foram, como sempre, maravilhosos. Eu AMO o Rio. E como eu já contei AQUI o réveillon em Copacabana foi sensacional! 
Normalmente eu só passei 2 dias no Rio. A minha tia mora em Petrópolis e passamos quase a semana inteira lá, só quarta e quinta-feira passei no Rio, na casa da minha prima. Infelizmente na quinta choveu o dia inteiro! Não dava nem para ver o Pão de Açucar! Mas mesmo com chuva o Rio é muito lindo...Então decidimos andar pela cidade de carro, para se despedi…

Brazil day 6: São Paulo

Last Saturday was our last day in São Paulo before we left to Rio de Janeiro (now I`m back in São Paulo again). I spent the day with my family playing with my cousins, enjoying the hot weather and the rain that came earlier than we thought! :D 
I really have to tell you that São Paulo has the best pizzas in the whole world!! And I`ve already eaten many in Italy, Germany...but in São Paulo are definitely the best! And the best in São Paulo are at this restaurant: Pizza Bros.  If you are in São Paulo I really recommend you to go there and try the pizzas "Splendida" (with mozzarella, brie, parma ham and artichokes) and "Erick Jaquin" (with ham, nuts, mushrooms, dried fig and honey) and the sweet pizza "Damasco" (with mozzarella, brie, honey, pear and nuts) Delicious!!! And the restaurant is amazing! Pictures above.

Sábado passado passamos o último dia em São Paulo antes de ir para o Rio de Janeiro (agora estou devolta em São Paulo). Passei o dia inteiro com a …

Happy New Year!!!!

This start of a new year I had yesterday was one of the best days and the best start of the year in my life! 
I wish so much I could have taken some pictures to share this very special, beautiful  moment with you, but I didn`t take my cam with me (concerned about loosing it), but no single photo could express what I experienced yesterday.  
It was the first time I spent New Year`s Eve in Rio de Janeiro and I must admit I was a bit worry about how it was going to be, for example if there would be too many people, or if my money could be stolen, but it was exactly the opposite! 
I felt very safe, there were many people, but not too many and it was so beautiful because everyone (o.k. almost everyone) was wearing white clothes! Than the moment when everyone counts down, the firework starting, the view...I really recommend this experience to everyone! And I am really up to spending this year again New Year`s Eve here. 
This picture I took form the internet, so you can get a feel of how it look…