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#bahimamemories: My cousin`s wedding

Surreal moments. Sometimes (in the most inappropriate times, like under the shower, during work,...) I get the best ideas for the texts I want to write on my post, but with no possibility to write it down! -.-  This unfortunately happened again with this post, anyway I can remember some parts of the text I wanted to write, so I`ll do my best now.

My cousin`s wedding was just surreal.  The wedding was on a Saturday. On the Friday before they had a "welcome cocktail party" that was beyond amazing and with the location, the music and everything this could have been already the wedding. But it wasn`t it was "just" the welcome party. As I already said, the location was unique, I have never been to somewhere like this before.
As you maybe already read on this post, my cousin married in Salvador, Bahia, in Brazil.
For the welcome party, which also was a white party, we got to a skyscraper where a "Baihana" (a woman from Bahia) welcomed us and gave to every single o…

#bahiamemories: First week

Sorria, você está na Bahia. Smile, you are in Bahia. That`s what stands all over the place when you arrive in Salvador airport.Anyway, how could you not? Bahia (which is a state in the north of Brazil) is like heaven on earth, it`s paradise. Why? Just have a look on the pictures below and you will totally understand! ;)

But beyond the landscape I also love their food! They cook a lot with coconut milk and palm oil, lots of shrimps and fish, this state is like made for me! (Have a look on the "Moqueca de Camarão" below ;)) I`ll try to post some "Bahian recipes" in the next weeks.

Why have I been there in November? First of all for my cousin`s wedding. But when you fly to Bahia (specially in my case being so far away) you can`t stay for just one weekend, right? So we decided to spend the first week in a house on the beach with friends, than we had the wedding, than we stayed one week in the hotel Vila Galé (a hotel chain from Portugal), which was at the same beach, wit…