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A typical end of the year résumé pt. 2/Beginning of 2017

About 2016. Its been so long since I`ve posted the last time that I first of all had to remember how this actually works. I`ve already posted a "A typical end of the year résumé" post about 2014, somehow I couldn`t manage to write the same about 2015. Specially the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 was way to busy for me, it was my last months studying plus working that it didn`t leave me time to write here. Which I missed. A LOT. 
Yesterday I was totally motivated to change my blog design, while doing this I read some old posts and felt how much I really missed this. Anyway this post should not be about my love for blogging, I wanted to talk to you about 2016. 
Some really big changes (in a very good way) happend in 2016, although I know so many people who didn`t have a good 2016 and also the last months were pretty hard for my family and me. 
Let`s start with the good part! I am so thankful and happy for 2016 because it gave me 2 special things: my Bachelor`s degree and w…