Vegan food diary: Breakfast "Rice cake-smoothie cereal"

So yesterday I started to share if you my "vegan food diary" here on the blog and today I have a very delicious breakfast recipe for you!! :)

You need: (for one person)
-1 banana
-some raspberries (as many as you like)
-almond milk
-2 rice cakes

*First snap the rice cakes into your bowl 
*Cut half of the banana into slices and add them to the bowl
*Wash the raspberries and add them 
*From the rest of the banana and the raspberries you make a smoothie, for that you just need to smash them and if you want add a bit of almond milk to it, so that it gets more fluid (I like it more that way)

If you like it sweeter you can sugar it with maple syrup.

What I love about this recipe is that it`s not so sweet. I kinda go bad when I eat too sweetly things in the morning and the rice cakes are a great choice for replacing too sweet crunchy cereals. 


  1. this is super unique! i'm going to try it (: thank you x


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