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LETS TALK ABOUT GRAZ. Graz is a beautiful little city in Austria. My mum and I went there about 3 weeks ago. Why? Because we wanted to discover new cities in Austria. 
What came first into my mind when we were talking about Graz: City of design. So I definitely had to visit it! 
When we arrived I immediately got overwhelmed with all the beauty! 
The mixture of modern and antique is amazing. 
We stayed at the Hotel Wiesler, which is also all about design and I loved our room (see in the pictures below).

I`ve always been amazed by most churches I`ve already visited. This also reflects on my studies. Whenever I`m able, I choose a lecture with a topic about anything that has to do with churches. For this semester I chose the topic "Winged Altar" (something like the one on the 8th picture below). And I`m super excited to learn more about it. Like why it actually does exist and just imagine the whole history that is behind every single one! I think that the topic is going to be very di…