Vegan food diary: "Moroccan Vegetables"

This time on my vegan food diary I`ll show you my favorite recipe at all!!! 
This is why: I love hummus, rice, olives and with curry and soy sauce spiced vegetables. It`s absolutely delicious!!!!!
Ready for the recipe? :)

You need:
(for I would say 2 persons)
-3 carrots
-3 peppers
-About the rice, I like to use this one in those like "rice-bags" I used 2 of it (I`m sorry, I really don`t know how to call them in English, if you know, please correct me!!! :))
-Some olives
-Hummus (how much you want)
-Oil (like 2 tablespoons)
-Soy sauce (100ml)
-Margarine (1 tablespoon)

-Spicy red paprika powder

*Cook the rice (how it`s explained in the instructions on the box)with some salt
*Wash and cut the vegetables in slices
*You have the roast the carrots first in some oil and than add some water (half cup) to the pan
*Add the peppers to the pan
*Roast this all gently on low temperature
*When the water vaporized you add the soy sauce to the vegetables and spice them with curry, salt, pepper and red paprika powder and it let cook for 3 minutes
*Take the rice out of the bags and add some margarine to the pot
*Place everything (including the hummus and the olives) on your plate and enjoy your meal :)

Thank you so much for reading and enjoying my vegan meals!!!! :)
kisses Gio


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