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Chiara Ferragni on InStyle Germany cover

A new era. Today in the morning I looked up on Instagram, during breakfast, as usual. But couldn't believe what I saw. A Blogger is on InStyle Germany cover :O
Don't get me wrong, I am totally happy for her and incredibly prowd.
The thing is, fashion and art are changing so much, so fast! And also I think that its actually pretty cool, we, human beings, are creatures of habits.
What happened to that time when models were on covers? What happened to that time when going to a vernissage was a chique, classy thing? (I have a story to explain that ;))
I guess although being cramped to our habits, we will have to change with it and make those our new habits...
So here is my story about the vernissage. Yesterday my feet were aching. And I had this vernissage in the evening I wanted to go (the first one on contemporary art) but before that I had university the whole day. So no way I was going to wear heels. Although I was feeling kind of bad and was afraid of being undressed because…

Velázquez exhibition Vienna

"Le peintre des peintres" (Manet). Hi folks, how is your beginning of the new year? I`m actually very happy with mine, as there were some things I`ve been wanting to do for such a long time and am achieving this all these days. One of those was: posting more often! Which is happening pretty good this January. I`ll do my best to keep on with this, as it will get pretty difficult from mid January on (tests, tests, tests...).

Let`s talk about Velázquez. As Manet called him "the painter of painters" I totally share this fascination and passion with him. 
So you can imagine my happiness as I saw on my university schedule that there will be a lecture during the whole semester only about Velázquez. No way I was going to miss this. 
Okay, so there I am sitting in the first lecture (I think it was already at the first one) and they tell me that there is going to be an exhibition with many most important and famous works from Velázquez in our Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna!!! :O…

Best Book Ever pt 2

"What are you looking at? 150 years of modern art in the blink of an eye" From Will Gompertz. As I already mentioned here this is my absolutely favorite book right now! If you are interested in art and have your difficulties with modern art, or even more with contemporary art, you have to read this book! 
I didn`t finish it yet, anyway I already love it and can`t wait to finish it, it`s getting more and more interesting! 
Definitely a must for art historians!
After finishing it, I will update you with a "summering it up" post ;) 

Christmas Eve

Throwback. Today is the day where all the Christmas decoration is taken down all over the world. It`s a pity how fast this special time of the year goes by, and this is why I want to remember our Christmas Eve with this post.  This time Christmas was very special and different for us. As I usually celebrate every year with my mum and her husband, this time friends of us from Brazil visited and celebrated Christmas with us.  Not only their visit was beyond special, we also tried a new menu (which was so delicious) and woke up on the next day with this incredible winter wonderland!!!!! (pictures below). I don`t know if it is that I`m living in Vienna for so long now and we don`t have that much snow here, but I was really so impressed with how much it did snow over night! And the days afterwards...

A Typical end of the Year résumé

2014. First of all happy New Year to all of you! May 2015 fulfill all your expectations and give you special experiences.
We all like to write a year`s résumé post, where we can sum up what the last year was actually all about for every single one of us.
And maybe there are some things we want to do better in the year afterwards.

Okay, so where to start? 
2014 was for me the year of traveling. I managed to travel a lot with my mum and family. And I love to travel. I want to keep going on with this, or better said get even better in 2015 and travel even more! There have been so many places on my bucket list for ages, it`s more than already time now to make those trips happen!
I also managed to drive home and see my mum more often, which I will definitely keep on doing in 2015.

2014 was the year of experiences. Good and bad ones. But I also do appreciate the bad ones very much. Only making mistakes you can learn from them. I learned A LOT about this in 2014. You always have to keep that in mi…