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Brazil day 3-5: São Francisco Xavier

These days were one of the best in my whole life. I went with my family (grandparents, mum, her husband and my uncle) to São Francisco Xavier in Brazil. Traveling with family it`s just so fun, I love it. São Francisco Xavier is surrounded by forests, waterfalls and delicious food ;) 
Now I`m in Rio at my aunt`s house for New Year`s  Eve and there is a lot to plan and do now. 
I wish you all a amazing New Year`s Eve and a more amazing and happy year coming!
I wanted to share with you more pictures, but the internet here is unfortunately very slow, so it would take me hours to load every single photo..
(Sorry that I`m in a rush now, translations and more pictures are coming soon)

Esses foram uns dos melhores dias na minha vida! Viagem com família (dessa vez com meus avós, meu tio, minha mãe e o marido dela) (by the way, que gostoso poder escrever em Português com um teclado brasileiro :D) é sempre muito bom. Dessa vez fomos para São Francisco Xavier, no meio do mato, numa pousada chamada &qu…

Brazil day 1+2: Christmas time in SP

Unfortunately I still don`t have all Christmas pictures, but at least you can see here what I wore for Christmas Eve and the delicious dinner we had! On the other pictures you can see my uncle and me and the small sandals form my little cousin (they are sooo cute!!)
At Christmas and New Year`s Eve time I always want to wear sequins, so for this Christmas I decided to match a golden sequined skirt from Promod and a black top from Siberian with nude pumps from H&M.
How was your Christmas Eve? Tell me in the comments!! 
Looking for something to wear on New Year`s Eve? My choice this year is easy: Since I`m spending New Year`s Eve in Rio I`ll have to dress a look completely in white. What could be better for Rio de Janeiro than a white beach dress? ;)
If you need help if your choice, please feel free to contact me! :)

Infelizmente ainda não tenho todas as fotos do natal. Mas nesse post você pode pelo menos ver a roupa que eu vesti e a comida deliciosa que agente teve! T…

Current Location: São Paulo+ Merry Christmas!!!!


DIY: Denim vest pt. 2

Finally it`s finished!!!! I added new buttons (I love them) and bleached it a bit more. What do you think?

Até que enfim está pronto!!! Eu adicionei novos botões e tirei mais a cor. O que vocês acham?

Endlich ist es fertig!!! Ich habe neue Knöpfe hinzugefügt und stärker gebleicht. Wie findet ihr es? 

DIY: Advent wreath

Every year I make an advent wreath for our home. This year it was very important for me, because we are not having a Christmas tree here in Vienna (we are both not spending Christmas here) so this way we still get a "Christmas touch" in our apartment. 
Unfortunately with the nice visit  from my cousin I had here and my vacation in Germany, I was this year one week to late with the advent wreath (I just finished it yesterday) 
By the way, I can`t believe that this Monday in two weeks it`s already Christmas!!! Still less I can`t believe that I will spent it in Brazil with my family!!!!!
I love this time of the year and I am SO happy in the last days!
I hope you also enjoy Christmas time like me and that you are also that happy!
Where are you guys going to spent Christmas this year?
Wish you all a great 2nd advent weekend!

Todos os anos eu faço uma "coroa de advento"(não sei se eu traduzi certo..) que eles tem costume de usar aqui. Para quem não conhece/não sabe o que que é …