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Looks inspired by Chiara pt.1

For most of my outfits-ideas I get inspiration from Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad).  I get inspired from the colors, the items and materials. So many times I don`t dress the same items like in her look, but the same colors f.e.  Than I try my best to create a similar look with the clothes I already do have in my closet (I am not going to buy new clothes just because i want to create a look like hers!).  Chiara does have many expensive designer clothes (which I do totally understand!!), but I`m convinced that you can create a really cool similar look (to her looks) with cheaper clothes from fast fashion brands.  And this is what I want to show you here. I`m a student, and I admit that I really don`t have 3000 € to buy a Céline bag. (what I would love to do by the way :D) What I want to say is, that you will definitely find only fast fashion brands in these looks. (Okay, I do have a bag from SCHUTZ, f.e., it wasn`t cheap, but it also didn`t cost 3000€).
For this look I took my denim shir…

Bang Bang

Tada! So (as you probably already have seen on my new profile picture) here is my new hairdo, I got bangs!! 
I have to say, I was thinking about getting bangs every year, but never really had the courage to try it out. Now I finally did it and I`m so happy about this! New for me is, that I have to style them (with style I mean wash and blow them dry) every day. Actually I only brush my hair after washing it and let them dry naturally. So I`m not used to styling my hair everyday, but I`m okay with that, it`s totally worth it!
In Europe the winter kind of came back for some weeks, so this outfit from last week is more "winterish" with a big scarf and jacket and pullover.. (So happy we got some sun today, I hope it stays like this!! #needsummer)
Have a nice weekend, sweeties.

Tada!! Como vocês provavelmente já viram na nova foto do meu perfil, aqui está o meu novo corte de cabelo, estou com franjas!!! 
Eu tenho que dizer que todo ano eu pensava em ter franjas, mas nunca tive coragem…

Let`s talk about beauty: Hair section

Okay, so why do I want to start talking about beauty now? 
First: It`s because I`m a bit obsessed with beauty lately. I just got a new hairdo (photos coming soon) and  I`m experimenting/trying new and different make-ups out. 
And second: There are all these whole professional bloggers blogging about beauty products and it  just inspired me.
What`s different on my post from their posts? I use products that normal students, like me can afford and I love them, so in my opinion they are really good! I hope you will like it :)

I will start with talking about my hair, because I get so often asked about it. From you, my lovely followers, and from most of the people I meet. 
First to my hair color. A lot of you asked me about my so called "ombré". It looks so natural, because it is! :D 
Sorry if you expected some great tips, I unfortunately don`t them :( 
Years ago I dyed my hair in a very light blonde (you can see on the picture at the end of the post). I loved it so much, but I also want…