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Summer vacation pt. 1: Tübingen, Germany

A little big town. Right now I am at my mum`s house in Germany, totally happy about my stay here and that my grandparents from Brazil (who I only see once a year) are visiting us and my cousin is coming today either!
As the last time my grandparents were in Europe is 8 years ago, there is still a lot we want to show them, when they are here. 
So this is why my summer vacation this year turned to a full of travels vacation. And I am so happy about it as I definitely have a passion for travel. 

Our first stop was Tübingen. As their "tourist-info-map" says, "a little big town". Ans it is so true. It seems so small, but there is so much to see! With this beautiful, cute houses you feel like you are walking through a puppet town, it`s incredible. 

The next stops are coming in the next posts. If you want to stay updated about my travels, follow me on INSTAGRAM.