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It's all about food.......and culture. This is pretty much everything our trip to Madrid was about 🙈. We spent last weekend there, on Monday we got back, and since yesterday I'm lying in my bed ill and with fever. The perfect situation to write a post 👍👌 By the way, my laptop is at home (I'm at my bf's house) so it's the first time I edited the pictures with apps (Aviary and VSCO) at least for a blogspost, and first time I'm writing a post from my smartphone. So I hope everything will go well 😃
Our trip to Madrid was of course beyond amazing, even though it was raining the whole weekend like crazy, but I mean it's can only be good there 😉 For me the most important place to visit was the Museo del Prado,  as an art historian it's of course a must as there are so many masterpieces!  And I love the works from VelĂĄzquez so much.... To see "Las Meninas" in real life was a dream come true!  My tip here would be, if you really want to …