Vegan food diary: "Mixed salad"

Please, don`t get me wrong, I LOVE meat and milk products like yogurt, feta cheese, other sorts of cheese :D and months ago I`ve never thought that I ever would think about eating vegan. 
But then one day I was just surfing on the internet, watching videos on Youtube and I got to a girl, who told on her video, that 6 days a week she lives only from vegan cuisine. And not because of the animals or something like this, she also likes meat and milk products, but she started this and just feels much better after every meal and in general healthier now. 
After this I was like: "Why not?" And I started 4 weeks ago to live on vegan food for 5 days a week. 
So from Monday-Friday I eat vegan and in the weekend normal, like always. And I have to say I`m really, really happy with this and there are SO many delicious vegan-recipes!!!! In every way, also for sweets or breakfast! 
And from now on I`ll share with you my vegan-food-diary and my advises/tips for vegan nutrition. 
Here are already some tips I got during my experience in the past weeks:
There are some groceries I couldn`t live without: bananas, avocado, maple syrup, almond milk, oil and margarine. 
-I always consume bananas when I have a big wish to eat something sweet and they are perfect for breakfast and smoothies
-Avocado fits to salads or you can make a delicious dip with it (recipe coming soon ;))
-Maple syrup is very important to sweeten something (remember you are also not allowed to consume honey (also comes from animals!!)) 
-Almond milk was for me the perfect choice because I don`t like soy products, and it is so delicious!!! ;)
-Oil and margarine I always needed for cooking
-lentils are good because they are rich on proteins
In fact you can substitute everything (ok, scrambled eggs or something like that maybe not ;)).

So here is my first salad recipe:

You need:

-Chickpeas (I got mine canned)
-Spring onions
-Salad (which one you like)
-Balsamic vinegar
-Olive oil

It`s very easy:

*You have to cut the mushrooms in slices and roast them
*Cut the olives in slices
*Rince the chickpeas and wash the salad
*mix everything together
*Flavor the salad with salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar the way you like
*Add the roasted mushrooms

aaaaand..... voilá ;)

Enjoy your meal, people!! :)


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