New In: "H&M belt and scarf"

Yes I am totally addicted to pink, orange and gold these days!! :D 
Maybe some of you already saw me wearing this scarf HERE.
In fact I`m not a big fan of matchy matchy outfits, but I adore to match these two :) My outfits are often based on basics and I love to "pimp" them with (colored) accesories :) I also saw an orange bag at H&M and really liked it. But...I don`t know.. I`m sometimes kinda scared of buying pieces that attract attention at H&M, because these are that kind of pieces that makes you recognize very fast how many other girls have got the same one ^^ Know what I mean?:) And I must admit I`m not a big fan of those pieces ;) 

Here are the item numbers:
belt: 571820
scarf: 88-8839



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