It's all about food.......and culture. This is pretty much everything our trip to Madrid was about 🙈.
We spent last weekend there, on Monday we got back, and since yesterday I'm lying in my bed ill and with fever. The perfect situation to write a post 👍👌
By the way, my laptop is at home (I'm at my bf's house) so it's the first time I edited the pictures with apps (Aviary and VSCO) at least for a blogspost, and first time I'm writing a post from my smartphone. So I hope everything will go well 😃

Our trip to Madrid was of course beyond amazing, even though it was raining the whole weekend like crazy, but I mean it's can only be good there 😉 For me the most important place to visit was the Museo del Prado,  as an art historian it's of course a must as there are so many masterpieces!  And I love the works from Velázquez so much.... To see "Las Meninas" in real life was a dream come true! 
My tip here would be, if you really want to see everything, you will need almost the whole day! We spent there about 4 hours, there is also a very good Café where a big Cappuccino costs about 3,60 which is ok I think for a Museum Café. So you can also take a good break, anyway I would really recommend staying so long (or longer) so you can see everything as the entrance is also a bit expensive (15€).
Afterwards we were hungry as hell!  So we searched for a cool place near the Prado and we found a very cute Tapas bar, Tinto y Tapas, were the atmosphere was very nice, also the service was perfect. We ate there some empanadas and pizza (pictures below).

On Sunday our focus was on the city center, Palacio Real and of course food! 😜 
We got so amazed by the beautiful architecture from this city! Absolutely every building is so especial!  
After we visited the palace, we went for dinner in a very very extremely good restaurant! I can totally recommend it! La mi venta is near to the palace, the place is amazing, the service is so nice, in Portuguese we say "atencioso", I don't know which would be the perfect translation in English but it means more or less that they really care about you and that everything is alright. They also have a Carte/menu in English and the prices are really ok. We ordered a bottle of wine (incredible good wine!) for 25€ and our beef entrecote was each 20€. 
When you sit down they serve you first a hot drink, I think it was a soup as it was salty 🙈, and some bread with a delicious olive oil. So now we come to the food part. Everything was so delicious we were really enjoying it! Here I have to mentioned,that my bf and I are more those kind of people that eat very fast, especially when we are so hungry! 🙈😝
Afterwards we had some Churros in a Café on the way back to the center and were later on in a Tapas bar again 😁

So that was pretty much the highlights of our trip, the post is already very long so I'll finish with the place we stayed. We stayed at the Nuevo Boston Hotel, which is near to the airport. It was very nice there. The rooms were very clean and they have a great breakfast buffet. The service was ok.
To go to the center you can take the Bus to Canillejas or Avenida America and than you can switch to the metro. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it was helpful for your next trip to Madrid! 
Have a nice day beautiful people and make sure to follow me on Instagram for some live stories 😉☀

I was wearing:
Denim: Guess, old one 
jacket: Vero Moda
Bag: Hallhuber (sale last year)
Boots: Deichmann
Beanie: H&M
Scarf: Zara

Pictures edited with Aviary and VSCO 


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