London love

This May I got to know my absolutely favorite city I`ve ever visited so far: London! 
It was love at first sight!  Already from the plane my heart felt totally for this city! And as we landed it got worse, I got amazed by everything haha. The whole culture, food (I loooooooove fish and chips), people (this incredibly politeness!!!), architecture, design (even every little coffeehouse it doesn't matter in which corner it stands has such a beautiful decoration), coffee (after London I got coffee addicted haha, so good coffee over there...), art (the absolutely highlight was for me the Alexander McQueen exhibition, I was speechless the whole time and running around like this emoji with hearts over the eyes :D and at the National Gallery Van Goghs "Sunflowers"), .... ok I could go on like this for ever so I will stop now but you probably got my feeling for London: ultimate crush! I hope I will try to make it possible to visit this city every year...

This post is also very special, as for the first time I posted edited pictures on the blog! I`m getting more and more into photo editing, it`s one of my favorite hobbies right now.
Today is a cozy day, the weather is not so nice, so we are staying at home doing some home stuff like laundry/baking, and working on our laptops (I have to prepare some things for next weeks University start). In some hours we will cook an asian meal with meat, rice and vegetables and maybe watch some series later on (We are totally into "Shameless" and "2 Broke Girls" right now :D).
What are you guys doing this Sunday?

Look at this brightness!!! (I didn't edit this one :P)


best fish and chips at the "print house" 

Last morning view from my friend`s  apartment at 4 am (sorry the picture is a little bit shaky) 

Last breakfast at the airport..

My favorite souvenir keeps London around me.. <3


  1. London ist so toll :) Ich gehe nächste Woche für einen Städtetrip :)

    Liebe Grüsse

    1. Uuuui wie toll! ich wünsche dir eine ganz schöne Zeit!! :)

  2. An asian meeal sounds delicious! London is a beautiful city and you are doing great with Photoshop, the pictures are great!

  3. Schöner Beitrag, gefällt mir richtig gut!

    Falls du Lust hast, eine super chice und ebenso fantastische Haarbürste zu gewinnen, dann mach unbedingt mit:

    1. Danke!
      Hört sich gut an, ich werde mal vorbeischauen :)

  4. London ist wirklich eine sehr schöne Stadt. Ich muss eines Tages noch einmal dorthin, denn leider hatte ich bei meinem Besuch ein bisschen viel Regen... typisch englisches Wetter halt. ;)

    1. Haha oje, ja typisches London Wetter! wir hatten recht Glück mit dem Wetter, am Sonntag hat es aber auch geregnet... Ich muss auch unbedingt nochmal, war nur über ein Wochenende da! :O

  5. I love London! Hope you had a great time!




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