Velázquez exhibition Vienna

"Le peintre des peintres" (Manet).  Hi folks, how is your beginning of the new year? I`m actually very happy with mine, as there were some things I`ve been wanting to do for such a long time and am achieving this all these days. One of those was: posting more often! Which is happening pretty good this January. I`ll do my best to keep on with this, as it will get pretty difficult from mid January on (tests, tests, tests...).

Let`s talk about Velázquez. As Manet called him "the painter of painters" I totally share this fascination and passion with him. 
So you can imagine my happiness as I saw on my university schedule that there will be a lecture during the whole semester only about Velázquez. No way I was going to miss this. 
Okay, so there I am sitting in the first lecture (I think it was already at the first one) and they tell me that there is going to be an exhibition with many most important and famous works from Velázquez in our Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna!!! :O 
All these paintings, actually spread all over the world (okay most of them are in the Prado Museum in Madrid or in the London National Gallery) are now concentrated in the city I live! 
The next thing I was about to do after this  lecture was to get directly to the museum, buy me a new annual ticket and visit this exhibition as often as I can.

Below I chose for you some of my favorite paintings from Velázquez, which are all now in Vienna (till the 15th of February), except, of course, his masterpiece "Las Meninas" which stayed at Prado, but there is a good replication here.

Las Meninas

Infanta Margarita 

Garden of the Villa Medici

The waterseller


Balthasar Carlos


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