#bahiamemories Last week: Vila Galé

Enjoying some family time. Finally (pooh, that took a long time) here is my last #bahiamemories, from my 3rd week there in November 2013.
I already mentioned many times in these two posts (here and here) how beyond amazing the time was that I spent in Bahia last November. 
This pictures show even more what a stunning paradise it is there.
In this post I`m showing you the second week I spent there with my whole family in the all inclusive hotel Vila Galé. It was just an incredible time, the weather was perfect, we talked and laughed a lot and enjoyed so much the time together.
I started to do crochet, thanks to my mum and my grandma, they really took a passion out of me, it`s my favorite hobby right now. (By the way there is some project coming in the next months that has to do with it, stay tuned ;))

As you know I actually  don`t like to post family pictures, but these are just to cute :) 

Me and my totally sweet cousin 

My lovely grandparents 

Brasil, Bahia 24.11-01.12.13
Pictures taken by me, my mum and Rogério Lucas 


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