#bahiamemories: First week

Sorria, você está na Bahia. Smile, you are in Bahia. That`s what stands all over the place when you arrive in Salvador airport. Anyway, how could you not? Bahia (which is a state in the north of Brazil) is like heaven on earth, it`s paradise. Why? Just have a look on the pictures below and you will totally understand! ;)

But beyond the landscape I also love their food! They cook a lot with coconut milk and palm oil, lots of shrimps and fish, this state is like made for me! (Have a look on the "Moqueca de Camarão" below ;)) I`ll try to post some "Bahian recipes" in the next weeks.

Why have I been there in November? First of all for my cousin`s wedding. But when you fly to Bahia (specially in my case being so far away) you can`t stay for just one weekend, right? So we decided to spend the first week in a house on the beach with friends, than we had the wedding, than we stayed one week in the hotel Vila Galé (a hotel chain from Portugal), which was at the same beach, with my whole family. (Photos soon)

This two weeks in Bahia were so incredible, words could not describe how beautiful, amazing and special they were. This feeling when I was running at 6 am along the beach with this breath of air and the (already for this time in the morning) absolutely hot sun will never get of my mind. And pictures unfortunately can`t transferred it, you have to feel it yourself....
Anyway I just created the hashtag #bahiamemories on Instagram, and I hope to fill it in the next years with tons of pics!  Bahia, I am definitely coming back very soon.....

I can`t wait to show you all pictures, but for now enjoy the ones from my first week there. 
Unfortunately I`m not having so much time to write posts these days (very important presentation coming on Thursday!!), but I`ll try to post the others pictures ASAP! ;) 

I also took advantage of the beautiful landscape for some "Outfit of the day" photos, but this time with bikinis :D. The ones I`m wearing are from Água Doce and Cia.Marítima. Both Brazilian brands with absolutely beautiful bikinis! Have a look on their site.

There is a song that can`t get out of my mind when I see those pictures and when I think about that time: "A Paz". My favorite version is from Zizi Possi, although the one from Caetano Veloso is also absolutely amazing! 


Beautiful Lisbon from the airplane

#tradition: first Acarajé at Salvador airport!! ;)

Room with a view

Our "maison" for the first week

Caipirinha mista

"Moqueca de Camarão"  :O 
<3 <3 <3 

Sorry friend :D 

View through my mum`s Marc Jacobs sunnies

Even with all different types, this one is always my favorite: "Caipirinha de limão"

Me&my mum drinking coconut water



  1. Wow wunderschöne Bilder ich beneide dich!!


    1. Danke dir, bei dieser Landschaft war es auch wirklich nicht schwierig schöne Bilder zu machen ;)

    2. Habe per Zufall deine Antwort gesehen, wollte schauen was es neues auf deinem Blog gibt :) Habe leider keine Benachrichtigung für Deine Antwort erhalten :( Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz :)


    3. Moooi du bist so lieb! :) Leider habe ich zur Zeit nicht sooo viel Zeit zum posten, voll doof :(
      Danke dir fürs bescheid sagen, da muss ich nochmal nachschauen und das ändern!
      Liebe Grüsse aus Österreich ^^ :)

  2. Aww, you've got a nice view by your room and walking in the beach at 6am I think that's so refreshing and relaxing (hadn't tried. hope I would) :) Well, goodluck on your presentation!
    New style post: Smize With Style

    1. Thank you so much!
      Well I have to admit that the jet-lag helped a little with getting up at 6 am ;)

  3. Such a cute post!
    Wonderful photos!



  4. Babe! I adore your blog soo much!! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin' :-).. Hope you can follow back!




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