Current Location: São Paulo+ Merry Christmas!!!!

Christmas tree at my grandparent`s home
beautiful view of São Paulo from their living room

First of all, merry Christmas to all of you!!! 
This year Christmas is very special for me and I`m very happy!! I`m spending Christmas in Brazil with my whole family! It`s like, I think about 10 years ago,   the last time I spent Christmas here, so I`m really happy!!!
Hope you all also had a beautiful Christmas with your beloved. 
Yesterday I finally arrived (after over 18 h of travelling) in São Paulo at 9 pm. Than we had dinner at my aunt`s home and we all stayed up till 2 am eating and talking. I enjoyed this so much!
My uncle made tons of photos yesterday, but I don`t have them yet. As soon as I get them I`ll post them!!
Tomorrow we will all drive to a hotel/accommodation in the middle of forest, weeds and much nature! Don`t know if I`ll have internet there, so maybe the next post will only come on Saturday.
Have a great time!
kisses Gio


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