DIY: Denim vest

This isn`t ready yet (I want to change the buttons) but I did it very long time ago and didn`t post at that time. I`m in a rush now, so instructions coming later!
Have a nice day

Essa ainda não esta pronta (quero ainda mudar os botões) mas ja faz um bom tempo que eu fiz esse DIY e não postei naquela época. Estou super corrida agora, então vou acrescentar as instruções mais tarde.
Tenhem um bom dia

Die Weste ist noch nicht fertig (ich brauch noch neue Knöpfe) aber es ist so lang her als ich sie gemacht habe, habe es aber damals nicht gepostet. Zeitlich schaut es gerade sehr schlecht aus, werde später die "Anleitung" hinzufügen.
Schönen Tag euch allen 


  1. GREAT piece dear
    x the cookies

  2. thank you both!!!glad to hear
    I think with new buttons it will look even better, I`ll post it than, when it`s finished :)

  3. cool diy, perfect for unwanted denim jackets or shirts:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  4. It looks great! xx

    - Victoria

  5. This post is perfect!!!

  6. Lovely blog! I adore it! Congratulations on the excellent job!
    Following you now through GFC! Return the love and let’s stay connected!
    Kisses from Miami

  7. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments! It means a lot to me! I`m so happy that you all liked it :)
    I just bought new buttons today, I`m going to add them in the weekend, I`ll post when it`s ready :)
    kisses Gio

  8. you are so creative...i love the result..

    1. thank you so much!! this really makes me so happy :)

  9. Nice DIY!


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