MQ Vienna Fashion Week

Valentina Azizova

Acci Selek

 Barbara Habig

Ina Kent

Slang Slang



Short video from Nubu (ending)

Today I`been to the Vienna Fashion Week at our "Museumsquartier". I had to work the whole week (so I couldn`t buy a ticket earlier) and was so happy yesterday that I still got a day ticket for today!!! 
It was my first experience with a Fashion Week, I mean of course I know this is not the same as NYFW or Paris, but it is anyway a fashion week ;) And at one show I got a place at the front row!!! :D
It was really kinda emotional for me, because I`m dreaming to work with fashion since I`m 13, that at the begining I got goose bumps :D  
My favorite designers where definitely "Slang Slang" and "Nubu", this is totally my style. 
And I loooooved "Studio B3" but unfortunately I could`nt see them on the catwalk (the show was yesterday).

Besides the fashion shows they opend a big area with clothes from all designers where you could try the clothes on and buy them! :)
I also made some pictures of my outfit, but (I still can`t belive this!!) I forgot to put my memory card in my camera, so I couldn`t take so many pictures and I had to delete some (including those from my outfit). I was wearing a blue skirt, a grey pullover with decorated shoulders and a darkbrown trenchcoat. 
I really liked it there and I can`t wait to go again next year!

Have a great weekend guys!



  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  2. Interesting post, your blog is lovely!


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