Vanity exhibition Vienna

Melvin Sokolsky: "Bubble"-series (Harper`s Bazaar spring 1963) 

Irving Penn: "Man lightning a girl`s cigarette" 1949

Louise Dahl-Wolfe: "Panorama of Paris" 1953

Regina Relang, 1953

Erwin Blumenfeld: "Study for an advertising photograph" 1948

David La Chapelle: "Collapse in a garden"

David La Chapelle: "This is my house"

David La Chapelle: "Burning down the house" (with Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow) 1996

Kristian Schuller: "90 days-one dream series" 2010

Armin Morbach: "Overdose series" 2010

A wall full of magazines (Vogue, Harper`s Bazaar,..) :D 

F.C. Gundlach: "Pop-Art fashion" 1967

"Fashion photography conveys images and trends. It drafts ideal images of femininity, elegance, and glamour and then does away with them. Fashion photography visualizes collective conceptions of beauty and documents the change of cultural interests. 
Dedicated to the subject of photography and fashion, the show Vanity, spanning from early studio photography to dynamic settings in urban space, from surreal compositions to ironic views of the fashion industry, from the mise-en-scène of dresses to supermodels, presents about twohundred works from the F.C. Gundlach Collection. Landmark photographs as well as unknown pictures from the late 1920s to the present day testify to the suggestive power of fashion photography between innovation and tradition, consumerism and art. 
F.C. Gundlach, a fashion photographer himself, has assembled one of the most comprehensive private collections of photographs in the germanspeaking world. He has never understood fashion photography as veneer, but seen it as a culture’s form of expression mirroring an era’s zeitgeist and view of man in their outward appearance."  ( 

The exhibition was great! With AMAZING pictures, and I discovered how much I adore David La Chapelle!!! I already knew some of his works, but it`s not something you get confronted with every I kinda forgot about it...
I`m sharing with you here some pictures of the exhibition I liked most, especially those of David La Chapelle, the last one from F.C. Gundlach because I`m a very big fan of the 60`s and the one with the butterflies from Kristian Schuller (this one is so beautiful!!) 

Yesterday I recognized once again how happy I am to be here. Vienna is such a great city to live, especially for those who are in love with art (like me). When I`m driving to the university I`m always like "wooooow" by every corner I pass by.... :) 

and get to know my new posts ;) 


A exposição foi demais! Com fotos INCRIVÉIS, e eu descobri o quanto eu amo os tabalhos do David La Chapelle!! Claro que eu já conhecia algumas obras dele, mas não é nada que você vê no dia-a-dia, né? Assim eu meio que esqueci que existia ele!! Que horror ^^ Mas desde ontem não mais ;)
Aqui eu estou dividindo com vocês as minhas fotos preferidas da exposição, especialmente as do David La Chapelle, a última foto do F.C. Gundlach (por causa que eu amo on anos 60 :)) e a foto com as borboletas do Kristian Schuller (que coisa mais linda né??) 
By the way, acabei de descobrir que existe um "wikcionário" (da "wikipedia") que esta me salvando com a conjugação agora!!! :D 

Ontem eu percebi denovo o quanto eu estou feliz de estar aqui! Eu adoro morar em Viena, especialmente para quem curte arte (que nem eu) é muito bom estar aqui :) Ao caminho para a facul, eu fico em quase todo quanto assim :O "wooow", cada prédio é lindo...

Mais sobre a expisoção em português semana que vem no site das Patis ;)


  1. Love these pics!! the dresses are amazing!!!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment!!:) Yes its true the Dresses are very beautiful!!!:)
      xoxo gio

  2. Super cool, I miss this city so much! New York is missing that European city vibe.

  3. Hi darling, very nice blog!!! I follow you!
    If you want to have a look of my blog
    Follow each other sounds good!!!
    ;-) kisses

    1. Hi pretty! thank you glad you like it and thank you so much for following me!!! :)
      Of course I`m following you back (alreay did ;))
      Your blog is also very nice!!

      xoxo Gio

  4. wow love these photos!
    great post!

  5. Hey, Suesse, ich wohne auch in Wien und hab mir ueberlegt, ob ich diese Ausstellung besuchen will. Was wuerdest du sagen, lohnt es sich? Es sieht wirklich cool aus :) btw, du hast einen tollen Blog. Wir koennen uns verfolgen, wenn du willst :)
    xoxo :*

    1. Hi! Ja die Ausstellung kann ich auf jeden Fall empfehlen!!! :)
      Schön dass dir mein blog gefällt :)
      Ich folge dir jetzt wprde mich freuen wenn du auch mich folgen würdest ;)

      Xx Gio


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