Welcome to Vienna

 Hi guys!
I finally arrived at my new apartment in Vienna (where I am going to live with my bf)!!!!
Sorry I didn`t post the last days but I really had lots to do with the removal. I hope I will post more the next days, but there is still so much to do...
We got here on Saturday, and at night we realised that the heater isn`t working....That wasn`t really funny with about -10° outside (gosh this week is sooo cold in Europe!!! I hope this siberian wind will pass by as soon as possible...). But now finally the heater is working and I can type without my fingers getting to little icicles ;) 
My apartment is getting really beautiful, I can`t wait to see it ready. I will also post some pictures of it when it`s totally finished. 

I wish you all a great monday and a great week if I`m incapable to post. :)


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