"Kärntner Kasnudeln"

Besides fashion my other loves are listening to music, sewing...drawing...aaaand as you can see here: cooking!! :D I really really love to cook! And to try new recipes! That`s what I did yesterday. 
I cooked for me and my bf, for the first time, his favorite meal called "Kärntner Kasnudeln". They are actually not that difficult to make! :) At the beginning I had problems with the batter ^^ so it took me longer to get ready as I thought...but at the end everything got fine :) 
So yesterday I had the idea to post also every special food I cook :) And show you how to do it. 


300g flour, 3 eggs, salt (1 teaspoon, for the batter), 200g potatoes, 250g quark (crumbly), mint leaves (1 soup spoon), chervil (1 soup spoon), some parsley and marjoram (fine chopped), salt and pepper to flavor

-Mix flour, eggs and 3 soup spoons water for the batter (you can add some water or flour if the batter doesn`t work, but take care not to much water, that`s what I did wrong the first time and the batter got to sticky. It has to be more slick) 

-form the batter to a ball and put it for about an hour in the fridge

-while this you cook the potatoes, after this you peel them and mix them with the quark, marjoram, parsley, mint leaves, chervil and spice this with salt and pepper

-form small balls (each one with about 20g) 

-roll out the batter as fine as possible

-now you have to kinda "envelope" this small balls with the batter, cut the border around the balls (where there is to much batter left) in a semilunar form and press the border together (you have to take care that the batter won`t rip) 

-now it is quite hard to explain how to "close" them^^, you kind of twist the border with your thumb and forefinger. At the beginning it is really hard, but you get after some balls into it ;) 

-now you cook the balls on a low heat in much water for 10 minutes 

Done!! :) 


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