Shrimp risotto recipe

You need: (for 4 servings)
-350g risotto rice
-200g shrimps
-grated Parmesan
-50g butter
-1 glass of white wine
-1,5l of stock

1) Cut the onion and garlic in very small pieces and roast them with the butter in a pot
2) Add the risotto rice and roast it for  2 min
3) Add the wine and cook the rice in it for 5 min
4) Add the stock in a spoonful at a time, add the next spoon when the rice already absorb the stock
5) Roast the shrimps with butter in a pan
6) Add the shrimps to the rice
Ready!! Enjoy your meal!! ;)

If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments!
kisses Gio


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