A typical bavarian dinner "Krustenbraten mit Knödel"

Saturday was the first time I tried to cook roast meat and I`m so proud that it got so good! 
I really love to cook. I cook every day, trying new things out and actually my meals are very healthy and not so fatty and oily (like this one ^^) 
I have always been a bit scared of cooking roast meat, especially this one: it`s pork and the crackling has to be perfect!
So I`m quite happy everything went perfect as well!

Pork roast with crackling and dumplings

Recipe:(I`ll do my best with the translation)
For 4 persons you need:
-1,5 kg pork belly (with rind)
-1,2 l chicken bouillon
-150 ml dark beer
-3 onions 
-2 garlic gloves
-1 bay leaf

Preheat the oven at 220°. Put the meat (with the rind down) in a baking dish and fill it with 300 ml chicken bouillon. Turn the temperature down to 130° and let the meat like this for 30 minutes in the oven.
Turn the temperature up to 160°.

Get the meat out of the baking dish, drain the bouillon in a different place and spread the sugar over the baking dish. Caramelize it in the oven. Then pour the dark beer in it and add the whole bouillon. 
Add the roast with the rind to the top. Let it in the oven for 2h 45 min. (Don`t forget to pour the meat sometimes with the sauce/bouillon, so that it doesn`t get dry)

Get the roast out of the sauce and salt the rind. Put it (with the rind to the top) on a baking plate and fry it until the rind is crisp. (Very crisp!!!)

Meanwhile you add the sauce/bouillon with the onions, garlic gloves, rosemary, bay leaf to a cooking pot and cook it for some minutes.

And now it`s ready!!!! 

Enjoy your meal!!!


  1. I more then love this,honey!:) So inspiring!;-)

  2. Hi, I just came cross your blog, this thing looks really yummy and interesting to me.Have you written down the recipe for that? Or at least maybe you can tell us the name of it---so that I can google the recipe:-). Thanks!

    1. Hi I`m sorry I didn`t post the recipe yet (it`s bit difficult to translate) here are the names: "Krustenbraten" in German and something like "pork roast with crackling" in English, the garnish is "Knödel" in English: "dumpling" (they are very easy to make) but I`ll post the recipe tomorrow, I promise!!!!
      (nice that you are interested in it :D)
      thank you
      kisses Gio

    2. I added the recipe now! :)


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