A Typical end of the Year résumé

2014. First of all happy New Year to all of you! May 2015 fulfill all your expectations and give you special experiences.
We all like to write a year`s résumé post, where we can sum up what the last year was actually all about for every single one of us.
And maybe there are some things we want to do better in the year afterwards.

Okay, so where to start? 
2014 was for me the year of traveling. I managed to travel a lot with my mum and family. And I love to travel. I want to keep going on with this, or better said get even better in 2015 and travel even more! There have been so many places on my bucket list for ages, it`s more than already time now to make those trips happen!
I also managed to drive home and see my mum more often, which I will definitely keep on doing in 2015.

2014 was the year of experiences. Good and bad ones. But I also do appreciate the bad ones very much. Only making mistakes you can learn from them. I learned A LOT about this in 2014. You always have to keep that in mind. 
I`ve struggled in the last months of last year with a very difficult subject and was never sure if my decisions/actions where always right. But to learn from this and do it better next time you have to act the way you think is the best at that moment. We are always smarter about that afterwards. 
I mean everything is for good right? Everything happens with a reason. So there is a reason why things happen the way they happen. And if you think afterwards that your doings weren`t always the best, you can act better next time.

2014 was the year of removals :D I moved twice with 6 months, from an apartment with my boyfriend to an apartment with a friend, which didn`t work out at all, than again back in a new apartment with my boyfriend :D And here again everything was for the best, because now we found a perfect small beautiful and cheap apartment in Vienna, next to the castle Schönbrunn :D :D :D 
Our new home is almost ready, there are only small things missing, as soon as everything is done I will upload some pictures ;)

2014 was the year of getting even more in love with history of arts. And specially in modern art! Explanation: I have never been a big lover of modern art, my favorite painters are especially Italian and Spanish ones, from the time of Renaissance. And I also like Impressionism. But modern art or better said contemporary art is hard for me to understand. At the end of 2014 I got this fabulous book from a friend of mine (picture below) called: "What are you looking at. 150 years modern art in a blink of an eye. From Will Gompertz." And it is changing my life. I didn`t finish it yet, but I`m pretty sure it will change my life and my point of view on modern art totally when I finish it. 
This I want to change in 2015. Get more involved with modern/cotemporary art. Because I see it for me as an history of arts student as very important. 

Aaaaaand best of all, me and the love of my life celebrated our 6 years anniversary in 2014! <3 

Puh I think this is pretty much it. Those were my most important experiences of 2014. Actually I`m pretty happy with it, but there are some little things I would like to achieve this year.

Below you can see some of my favorite pictures of 2014, let`s remember it as a special year. 


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